Rethinking Inclusivity: Ideas for Change

London Book Fair Seminar
10th April 2018, 10-11am, The Faculty

安徽十一选五走势图is the publishing industry doing enough to become more inclusive? what do you want to see publishers do to make the industry more accessible? what changes does the industry need to make to be truly diverse?

安徽十一选五走势图we’re inviting current publishing students from all over the world to think of new ways of considering diversity in the publishing industry. we want to hear about innovative and implementable approaches to advance inclusion and accessibility across the whole breadth of the industry, from writers and agents, to editors, and designers. students will be asked to present their ideas in a 3 minute ‘pitch’ to a panel of leading experts working in the industry.

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Dissertation & Project Prize Winners 2017

安徽十一选五走势图awards for the ape dissertation & project prizes 2017 were presented at london book fair, by stephen lotinga, ceo of the publishers association.

Dissertation Prize Winners

the judges felt there were many high quality submissions. many thanks for their generosity with their time. and a thanks again to our sponsors for their generous prizes.

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